How to measure for curtains

1. Start by measuring the width of the window or the area you want to cover with curtains. Use a measuring tape and measure from one side to the other. If you have a curtain rod or track already installed, measure the width from end to end of the rod or track.

2. Next, determine the desired length of the curtains. Measure from the top of the curtain rod or track to where you want the curtains to end. This could be just below the window sill, at floor level, or even longer for a more dramatic look. Make sure to account for any additional length you want for puddling or pooling on the floor.

3. Consider the curtain style you prefer. For standard curtains that hang straight, measure from the top of the rod or track to the desired length. If you want your curtains to have a gathered or pleated look, add extra length to your measurements to accommodate the fullness.

4. If you're using curtain rings with clips, measure from the bottom of the rings to the desired length instead of measuring from the top of the rod or track.

5. If you have multiple windows or panels that need curtains, measure each one separately. It's important to measure each window individually, as they may have slight variations in size.

6. Take note of any obstructions or hardware that may affect the curtain length or width, such as radiators, wall-mounted fixtures, or furniture. Make sure to measure around these obstructions or adjust the curtain length accordingly.

7. When purchasing ready-made curtains, choose a size that closely matches your measurements. If the curtains are longer than needed, they can be hemmed or altered to the desired length.